Feeling tongue-tied?

typewriterGood News…writing “difficult” letters is a specialty of mine.  So when you have something important you need to convey in writing, I’m here to help and here’s an overview of the types of correspondence I can provide for you:

  • Letters of complaint to businesses, governmental agencies, landlord/tenant issues, insurance appeals, 10-day Demand letters, etc.  (NOTE: my background includes overseeing an Ombudsman program for a State legislator, serving as executive staff with a county Bar Association and subsequently an insurance brokerage, plus over 5 years of property management experience, along with lawsuit/judgement collection expertise.)
  • Professional/strategic correspondence, rejection letters, negotiations
  • Family issues
  • Apologies — personal or professional
  • Queries — personal or professional
  • Love letters & proposals
  • Or…what sort of challenging scenario do YOU need a hand with?

The appropriate tone and vernacular will be used to properly convey YOUR thoughts and emotions to the recipient in the style you specify. Examples include a sternly worded complaint to a business seeking redress of an unfair situation or fee, a heartfelt letter of apology following an estrangement (personal or professional)…OR a sentimental love note if you’re a person who has the feelings but lacks the ability to translate these into written form for your beloved — as an unabashed romantic, I’d be honored to help put your woo into words!


Over the years, I’ve found the most efficient method is for us to have a phone conference so you can personally share with me the particulars of your situation — after all, IF you could put it in writing you already would have(!).

A draft copy will be supplied to you and flat fee pricing will include edits as needed following your initial review.

If desired, decorative fonts can be employed (in .pdf format) and letterhead can also be created to further enhance your communication needs.

Turnaround time:  appx. 2 business days — sooner if needed — phone conference is typically 30 minutes or less.

Starting price for a basic 1-page letter is $100 including phone conference (U.S. only).


In addition toS.A. "Sam" Jernigan my affiliations with the National Writers Union as well as AWAI (American Writers and Artists Int’l.), you can learn more about my skills and background by visiting:  www.MarketingAndPR.com (Renaissance Consultations, est. 1998). Expanded writing projects include proposals, marketing plans, and publishing-related services, etc.

Read what clients have said about writing projects created on their behalf.








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